Activities You Should Not Miss When In Dubai

Activities You Should Not Miss When In Dubai

Run, walk, drink, chit-chat, read, relax, shop, and repeat is the usual routine for anyone who is traveling to Dubai. Dubai offers its guests various fun opportunities so that each travel day is filled with adventure and excitement. Here is a list of activities you should try the next time you visit Dubai.

1. Visit Dubai Aquarium& Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo features jaw-dropping architecture which is into three zones, the Underwater Zoo which has Humboldt Penguin, Lionfish, Dwarf Crocodile, and more, an Aquarium Tunnel which is 48 meters long, and an Aquarium Tank housing more than 140 species of various marine animals. Visitors are permitted to feed the animals and see them from close in the diving areas.

2. Desert Safari along with BBQ Dinner

Desert safari is an exclusive activity which starts in the afternoon covering the Dubai desert with several photo-stops along the way towards a camel farm which is the first destination. People have the opportunity to witness a beautiful sunset and then go to the campsite when they can try Jenna designs, sandboarding, and camelback ride. At night, a buffet dinner is presented to the guests along with belly dancing shows. Using Emirates coupon codes, you can book desert Safari packages at jaw-dropping discounts.

3. Go for Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

Experience ultimate luxury at Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise. It  offers amazing vibes, entertainment, and ambiance. Apart from a lavish delicious dinner, people also enjoy breathtaking sightseeing, live music shows, and more. If you want to take the love of your life to this stunning cruise, you can use Emirates promo codes to get discounts while booking.

4. Visit Ferrari World

From teenagers to adults, people love to go to this amazing adventure park which features The Flying Aces, The Formula Rossa, The Turbo Track, The Mamma Rossella, The Junior Grand Prix, The Ferrari Store, The Karting Academy, and more. It houses the world’s fastest rollercoaster and the highest loop, which would take you for a ride that you would never forget your entire life. The street performers of The La Pizza Show would amuse you with their amazing performances.

5. Touch the sky with hot air ballooning

You can even gaze at the spectacular desert being in the air for an hour. Each hot air balloon basket can accommodate up to twenty-four people, which provides enough space for everyone so that they can carry on with their sightseeing activities comfortably. Not only this ride is peaceful, but it also offers relaxation to the visitors.

Apart from these, you can also try for indoor skydiving, helicopter tour, skiing, wakeboarding scuba diving, and more.

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