5 makeup products you need to slay any look

5 makeup products you need to slay any look

No matter what we wear or accessorize our apparels with, we always tend to apply some makeup to brighten up our best features. For daily office days or a party, you need to attend; makeup fixes the way you look at any time. So, we have listed 5 makeup products that help you to stay party ready all the time. Glam up your look any time using these base products.

BB or CC cream to highlight your face

CC cream stands for colour correcting cream, which takes care of your pores and redness. You can apply an adequate amount of this cream to your face rejuvenating your face and making it appear fresh. BB creams, on the other hand, adds complete coverage and keeps your skin hydrated. Both these creams come in different shades and consistency. Always buy the cream depending upon the skin type you have. Most of the creams have their composition written on the cream itself. Choose from oily to normal or dry skin type.

Eyeliner and Kajal to define your eyes

Kajal helps you to define and make your eyes prominent. Always purchase a kajal which is smudge-free to not look like a panda after a long day. As far as eyeliner is concerned, it helps to add more definition to your eyes. Kajal and eyeliner together help you to make your eyes look larger and add definition. You can purchase an exquisite range of eye care products with Sephora voucher codes. 

Lipliner and Lipstick to add extra colour

A lip liner helps you to make your lips look painted and drawn. Choose the colour that goes with your lipstick. As the lip liner aids you to take care of the outline of your lips, the lipstick helps you to speak volumes. Always go for a lipstick that blends well with your lip liner. From varying in different shades and texture, pick the one that compliments your entire attire. 

Highlighter and contouring to define your cheekbones

To get an extra chiselled jawline or any part of your face, use a highlighter to highlight the best features of your face. Many of us have a broader forehead, which we want to cover up. In those times, use a highlighter and contour your face drawing attention to the best features. Choose the shade that suits your face well, and voila! Buy highlighters using Sephora coupon codes.

Eye Shadow for perfect smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are in trend and suits almost every look. All you need is a well-constructed eye shadow palette. For smokey eyes, pick the one that has dark hues to make your eyes look more prominent, and you are good to go!

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